Save Your Relationship:Even Though You Already Called It Quits

Published: 28th June 2011
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The hurtful words were already thrown – can you ever save your relationship even though you already called it quits? Of course you can! Remember the old adage – if there’s a will, there will always be a way! Reconciliation is not yet very far from reach. You can still grab it and give your relationship a second chance in love.

Sometimes you tend to be blind of the relationship problems that parade right in front of your eyes. This is probably the reason why you are caught off-guard when the break-up happens. You thought that everything was almost perfect and nothing could bring the two of you apart. But one problem – and every other problem finally come in to view and your relationship ends just like that!

If you want to bring your ex back – there is still a chance. Below are some helpful hints to guide you to save your relationship and once again experience bliss with your partner:

  • Take a time off – It is not just your partner who wants a time off, admit to yourself that you need one as well. Let the heat of the argument subside and reflect on your relationship. This will help you realize what or who went wrong. Never harass your ex using the internet or your mobile phone – this will not help you to save your relationship. Stop yourself from sending him or her email or text. Ask these questions while you’re on your "reflections": Do you really want to save the relationship? Is there still trust? Do you think your relationship will work given a second chance? If you say yes to these questions – then start the steps to save your relationship. But if you answer no even to one of these questions, you better think twice before you go back into your ex’s arms.

  • For a while, enjoy singlehood – When was the last time you went out and have fun with your friends or family? Can you still remember it? Some people when they get into the relationship, they tend to forget the rest of the world. This is the right time to renew friendships and find new friends. This will help you find your ‘old self’ once again and find the person your partner fell in love with.

  • Try not to tell everyone about your tragic love story – Ventilating your emotions is therapeutic, but not helpful if you want your relationship saved. Although everyone wants to know what really happened between your happy love story stop your mouth from spilling anything. Some people in their vulnerable state would tend to say something that they don’t mean to. Even though your friend promised he or she would not tell anyone, you cannot really be sure he or she doesn’t slip right? This step will prevent further dispute between the two of you, plus you will gain his respect by keeping a hush on your break-up. 

  • If the both of you are ready to talk it out, then do so. – Be honest and sincere with your emotions. Do not be afraid to talk about what happened and learn from your mistakes. Lay your cards on the table and solve the problems together to start anew. Learn to forgive and forget. This can truly help save your relationship and find the happiness you once had.

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